***AttachQi is used for many things such as..

MacBooks, Laptops, Cars, iPhones. You can AttachQi anything! Just Imagine the possiblities, this is awesome ...

***AttachQi your MacBooks

Add an External Hard Drive to your MacBook

AttachQi your Car

AttachQi your phone to your DashBoard

AttachQi your iPhone/Phone

A battery/External HD

Why allow big companies to determine how much hardrive space you have, or phone companies to determine how much gigabites your allowed on your phone. With AttachQi, this changes everything. You can Attach an external hardrive to your laptop so simply, and you can have unlimited amount of data storage. Same goes for your phone! Attach a battery pack for backup storage, Attach an external hard drive for more store. You can also AttachQi a phone to your dashboard, and it will never slip away. The possiblities are endless.

AttachQi your Laptop/MacBook

This is so Amazing! It’s important to have all your data at your fingertips

By using this, your laptop can be AttachQi to allow for maximum movablity. You dont have to fuss with it while your moving around, it will be AttachQied to your laptop and you can move around freely

Your Phone/iPhone

This is Amazing

Use AttachQi, and you can AttachQi A powerbank to your phone, or AttachQi an external HD to your phone so simply and easily.

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